Taking the family on holiday or for a special day out is always an exciting prospect – but enduring the journey to get there can be somewhat less appealing.

Whether you’re travelling by car, train, ferry or plane, we’re all familiar with the potential pitfalls: bored, w...

 We're proud of our children. We love to show them off to friends and family.  We have a social profile to keep up with.  We need likes and follows.  Do our children though?  Nothing is private and social media is free...isn't it?  If something is free then you, your f...

May 22, 2019

Children need to feel loved.  They need to have a sense of belonging.  They need a family.  Families come in all shapes and sizes.  There are single parent, foster families, step-parent and Grandparent families.   The bottom line is the need for belonging.  The need to...

January 29, 2019

Being Sugar Smart is all about making sure we, as parents make the right food choices for our children.  9 out of 10 children have too much fat in their diet and are their BMI is too high for their age.  Children consume too much sugar and parents and society as a whol...

January 6, 2019

Just recently there a report from experts said that there was no need for a limit on screen time.  This is great and gives some clarity for parents at least.  Hang on though, surely it's not really healthy for children to be looking at a screen all the time.  All of us...

December 27, 2018

Now the presents have been opened, it's time to play with them.  Toys and games to set up and sort out.  Have fun working out how it works..what are the rules etc.,

Enjoy 2019!

Oh how we love a bonfire and fireworks to brighten up the dark nights.  Children love seeing the sparkles, flashes and amazing colours.  

For young children it's best to use headphones, ear defenders etc., to protect little eardrums.  If your having your...

So have you chosen your pumpkin yet...best get cracking cos it's Hallowe'en weekend!  Get scooping out and carving to create your image.  Get your T lights in and the effect is fantastic!  Youngsters love it and if you love celebrating then it's time for trick or treat...

1 | A sensory feast

The most obvious benefit of being outside is that it is a full sensory experience. Children will experience hot and cold weather, smell flowers and plants, see many colours and feel varied textures, from sticks to mud. As the seasons change, the...

September 15, 2018

Your child might be 'feeling poorly' and not responding to you as usual

at first and wanting to sleep more than usual.

Does your child........

Feel hot.  Have a temperature.

Have cold hands and feet.

Have a severe headache.

Throw up repeatedly.

Have stomach pain sometimes dia...

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