1 | A sensory feast

The most obvious benefit of being outside is that it is a full sensory experience. Children will experience hot and cold weather, smell flowers and plants, see many colours and feel varied textures, from sticks to mud. As the seasons change, the...

September 15, 2018

Your child might be 'feeling poorly' and not responding to you as usual

at first and wanting to sleep more than usual.

Does your child........

Feel hot.  Have a temperature.

Have cold hands and feet.

Have a severe headache.

Throw up repeatedly.

Have stomach pain sometimes dia...

September 6, 2018

Well the holidays are now nearly at an end and it's time to check the uniform.  If you've been organised you may already be sorted.  Some may have been holding out to check for growth spurts.  Some have been thrifty and used 2nd hand stuff/mended the old stuff.  Some m...

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