Cornflour Silk....gloopy fun!


2 cups cornflour 1 cup cold water


Pour the cornflour into a bowl. Add the cold water slowly, stirring constantly and stop when the water is absorbed by the cornflour.

The solution is fascinating to play with. It scoops up as a solid in your hands then turns to liquid.

Keep toddlers happy by putting a scoop on a tray in front of them. They can hold the substance, use their fingers to make shapes then watch the solution turn back to liquid again. It's a great way to encourage them to enjoy 'mark making', the start of emergent writing, for when they start pre-school or nursery.

As it's only cornflour it will wash off hands easily, brush off clothes when dry and not cause any problems when they put their hands in their mouths.

I have to admit that I used to make it regularly just so I could see the reaction to it....have fun!

Tina Williams 12/1/18

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