Learn the 4 Ts

Many children and young people who have not been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, can be in danger of developing ketoacidosis (KTA). This is a life threatening condition and needs urgent medical attention.

It's important that children are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, as early as possible, to avoid diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Learning about the 4 Ts, the main symptoms of diabetes, raises awareness and can avoid DKA and hospital admission.

So what are the 4 Ts :-

TOILET - Going to the toilet more often than usual. A previously dry child may start bed wetting. A Baby's nappy may be heavier than usual, needing more frequent changes.

THIRST - Constantly feeling thirsty and being unable to satisfy or quench that thirst. This could result in drinking from a pet's water bowl in extreme circumstances for example.

THINNER - Children and young people can look thinner than usual and their clothes may not fit properly. Loss of weight when checked on the scales.

TIRED - Feeling more tired than usual and that's noticeable to others. A child may fall asleep in class for instance.


Seek medical advice immediately from your GP and ask for a Type 1 diabetes test, This is a simple finger prick blood test and your GP can then refer your child to a specialist diabetes team immediately for appropriate treatment. This must be done without delay to prevent DKA which can be fatal.

More information and support is available from Diabetes UK.

Tina Williams 20/1/18

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