Happy Valentine's Day!....giving unconditional love

On Valentine's Day we show our love to those we most care about. Our children need our love and affection and we can show this physically with hugs, kisses and cuddles. Love also be given through the time we share with them. There are many ways we can do this, whatever the child's age, from babies to older teenagers.

Spending your time with your child shows them that they are loved and that you care about them.

Of course it all depends on the age of your child/children...

Babies need close contact, cuddles and to hear your voice, see your face. They respond to general chatter, cooing and simple songs. They love to follow the expressions on your face and respond with smiles, laughter and babbling. Make bath time a fun time, with lots of play pouring bath water and blowing bubbles. Peek a boo games are great fun as they love hiding under a cloth or sheet and think you can't see them...even though only their face is hidden!

Under 5s love to explore and discover.....safely of course. Plenty of time outdoors when the weather's fine, playing in the park and/or garden. Searching for bugs, worms and local wildlife are great fun. Little ones love to get dirty. Invest in wellies and let them handle the soil, sand and stones. Make sure they get used to hand washing afterwards of course!

On rainy days engage with them with puzzles, books, toys, games and craft activities etc.,

There may be a local toy library so they can try out different toys....see what they like best etc., and enjoy sharing books together.

As children get older you'll be more aware of what they like and enjoy doing as they develop and grow....having lots of fun together!

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