Enjoy the sunshine...it's good for you!

We've had an early and a bit unexpected Summer in April. It happens sometimes and it always lifts up our spirits. After all we've had an unusually long Winter. The snow was wonderful for our children to enjoy and they had great time but we all know that when there's an early heatwave, we may not have it for long. Here in the UK, we're used to it and we enjoy the fine weather while we can. Great pictures on the news of people getting on our beaches and literally 'making the most of it'!

It's fun and great to enjoy...makes us happy and uplifted. Nothing like a good day out with our family, friends and loved ones. Making memories together and (if there's room!), playing in the sand.

When the weather is hot and sunny, just remember that there are some simple rules and advice to follow:-

1) Wear loose, comfortable clothes that can be removed easily and put back on when it gets cooler. A good sun hat is important to help prevent sunstroke. Legionnaire style hats are great as they protect the back of the neck too.

2) Sandals to keep little feet protected and cool. Beaches can be sandy or shingle and unfortunately with unwanted litter buried beneath. Jelly shoes are ideal for paddling and keep little feet safe.

3) Sun cream is essential...at least factor 15-20 or more for young skin. Make sure it's applied regularly throughout the day. Sunshine provides our children with much needed vitamin D too....great for growing bones!

4) Hydration....plenty of water available throughout the day. A good tip is to freeze bottled water and take it out with you to the beach. Lovely to have cooled water when it's hot.

Following these basic rules will help you to enjoy your day and stay safe in the hot weather.

Beaches can be crowded places, (as pictured) and keeping your eye on your children can be difficult. Keep them (particularly under 5's) close by within eyesight at all times. Before you set foot onto the beach it's a good idea to agree on a central point e.g. a landmark,nearby shop, tourist info centre etc., for older children to head towards if they get lost....you can meet up there together. Make sure your children are aware of stranger danger.

For more safety guidance and advice see:- www.rospa.com and have fun enjoying the sunshine!

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