Flaming June!

Let's keep our cool and learn about how to treat febrile convulsions. What's that? Well it's frightening but not necessarily so...let's look at the facts.

It's good to check up on reliable, trustworthy information. Look up Febrile seizures/convulsions in children in the search bar of www.nhs.uk.

Remember normal temperature is 37c and 38c is a fever but your child may cope with that when given cool drinks, wearing a sun hat, sitting in the shade etc., Problems happen when there is more exposure to heat without effective monitoring. Young infants are vulnerable when not protected and this can result in a total inability for their little bodies to cope.

Seizures can happen when overcome with heat exposure. It can be very worrying but remember that you know your little one best and if he/she seems floppy, unwell, moving uncontrollably, not feeding or responding to you, developing a rash...don't delay and get medical advice immediately.

Keep cool and have fun!

14/6/18 Tina Williams

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