Picking up the Pieces...

Let's go off to the park we say and off we go on a fine day with our picnic, rugs

, bats, balls, sun hats and sunscreen at the ready. Time to relax and let our little ones go off and explore. We've got our eye on them and we know where they are and we can even see them heading off to the play area. We go a little further in to give them a helping hand on the slide, the roundabout, a push on the swing and all is well...or is it?

They've gone off to explore a bit. It's ok you're still around. You can just about still see them ducking in and out of the bushes. You can hear them giggling and you know they think you can't see them and they're hiding from you...

There's the danger though cos you don't know what's lurking behind there..

Encourage your children to explore by all means but not to pick up anything weird or strange. If they're not sure an scared get them to call out for you so you can check out what they've seen and make sure they're safe. Remember it's not just 'stranger danger' we have to worry about. Take care out there and be safe!

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