Emotional Health

Children need to feel loved. They need to have a sense of belonging. They need a family. Families come in all shapes and sizes. There are single parent, foster families, step-parent and Grandparent families. The bottom line is the need for belonging. The need to be a part of a family unit. The need to feel wanted, loved and valued. These emotional needs are vital to a child and a child's emotional security is so essential for their health and well being.

If these needs are not met, they may look elsewhere for another 'family'.

As children grow, they may seek solace and belonging elsewhere. This could be with unscrupulous individuals or in gangs for instance. Either way, if a child's emotional needs are not met, then they can become vulnerable. It's important to recognise the importance of good emotional health for good emotional security and overall well being. A child that has all these things in place, within a happy, secure family environment, is happier and healthier, emotionally. All these things are so important for child development as a whole.

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